Chemicaltech has AFI suppliers certified by the National Health Regulatory Agency of its country and by the ANVISA (Agência Nacional de vigilância Sanitária) - Brazil.

All the medicines were submitted to ANVISA appreciation, proving its efficacy, safety and quality.

API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) 

Our medicines use raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients with a high degree of quality and constantlyare carried out audits inspections and qualification of suppliers to prove maintenance and quality assurance. The manufacturers are certified and audited by the healthcare regulatory agencies of their countries.

Quality Control 

Chemicaltech’s products are rigorously analyzed and approved by their own quality control, which meet the rigorous analytical methodologies of the main pharmacopoeial compendia (USP-NF).


Chemicaltech has a system of pharmacovigilance for constant monitoring of adverse events and doubts clarification of our clients and patients.